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Corinna Jane

Track listing
1. All In My Head
2. Four Takes
3. Shouting At The Ghost

I really love Corinna’s vocals she’s got a very interesting timber to her voice. For me it’s refreshing, it’s been a while since I’ve heard female vocals that were so different from everything else.

Some voices are like honey, Corinna’s is but it’s a little tart too. This is best featured on "All in My Head." This is also my favorite song on the EP. This song is about needing someone who’s not there. Someone who’s never there for you. The clouds are enclosing in and they just won’t come and rescue you.

‘Shouting at the Ghost’ is also very interesting. The lyrics are quirky and very catchy. I’ve been singing this one all day. When it starts out it has a whimsy little piano feeling and then it gets a little rough and the vocals are edgy as are the lyrics. I recommend listening to this song first. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

The most shocking thing about Corinna is that she’s only twenty. There aren’t many twenty year olds with voices as developed as hers is. Her voice will only get richer and richer over time.
Corinna truly has the potential to be very, very, very big.

I only hope we’ll get to hear more and more of her in the very near future.

∞ Ashley L. Pieciak ∞
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