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Arm On Stage

Arm On Stage 'Sunglasses Under All Stars'
Track Listing
1. The Guardian
2. Spiritual
3. Desert Coffee
4. Spder Rain
5. Wolf In Town
6. Queen Is Gone
7. The Mouse In The Corn Flakes Box
8. Sailor
9. Go On!
10. Get Back

This band ROCKS! They’ve got a really funky sound and the vocals add a certain, dirty edge. One song that is a perfect example of this is Spiritual. This song has got a great bass line and a toe tapping drum beat to back it up. The vocals are gritty and the lyrics are beautiful. This song gave me the chills the first time I heard it and it still does even now, after the tenth or eleventh time of listening to it. It’s perfect, plain and simple.

You know, these boys (men?) decided they were going to make a career of music and maintain their love, not an easy feat. If you set out to make money you set out to give the public exactly what they want
instead of doing what you want. I’ve read the interview and listened to their music, I can say they do WHAT THEY WANT, and if you don’t like it OH WELL. It comes out in their unique style of playing and the fact that plain and simple they love making music. They make it their way, foregoing things that other bands use to make themselves known. The fan base will just have to come to them, and I hope that my review and sharing their music with others will help to grow that base. They have the potential to be huge because their sound is so versatile.

There is a tie on this album for the "best" songs. The first song is called Wolf in Town. The vocals are like smooth caramel, they sort of just soak into you, and this is definitely feel good music. Not to mention the fact that the melody makes you want to dance, or at the very least tap your toe. I would have to say this whole album is perfect driving music, this song especially.

The second song is called The Mouse In the Corn Flakes Box. It’s not just the title that makes me love this song. I’m a sucker for the horn section. I can’t explain it but I love the richness they add to a song, something that can’t really be achieved by any other instrument (at least for me.) So if you like horns and funny song titles this will be one of your favorites too. However, if you need more than just horns and funny song titles you have to take into consideration the meaning of the song. This song is about greed and wanting more than you have. It’s supposed to remind you to be thankful for what you already
have instead of indulging on the things that you really love. At least, I think that’s what this is about,
I could be wrong…it could just be about a mouse in a box of cornflakes. Listen and let me know.

∞ Ashley L. Pieciak ∞
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