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Tina Lie - Free Enough To Fall

Tina Lie “Free Enough To Fall” Review by Ashley L. Pieciak

Track Listing
1. Black Swan
2. Twilight Hour
3. Consumed           
4. Gambling with the Stars
5. Do Right to Me Baby
6. Pirate’s Heart
7. Freedom Child
8. Home Ground
9. Get it Right
10. Winter Moon

WOW! Such amazing vocals right off the bat I was blown away by how simply amazing her voice sounds. It really reaches out and grabs you by the nuts.  Each song tells a story about her life. You feel her pain, her joy, and perhaps a little sexual frustration.  Add those emotions to years of smoking and drinking and you get her wonderfully crispy voice.

Sometimes I wonder where all these great artists like Tina are hiding.

“Gambling with the Stars” is one of those songs that really tug at the heart strings. I mention this song specifically because it is one of two that I relate to the most. I can relate to them all, but these two really make me tear up. This one is about your child growing up and getting ready to make that first step out into the world on their own. You feel the mother’s pain at letting her baby go and not really knowing how to handle it.

The second song that keeps me listening and coming back to this album is “Consumed.” There is a specific line in this song that, no pun intended, just consumes me. “If this is freedom, give me back my chains.”  Those are mighty powerful words. This song is about life being unfair and having to give up someone you love so deeply they devour your thoughts and never let you go. There’s real pain in her voice and in the lyrics themselves. This song is extraordinary.

Then again, if I’m honest, they all, without exception, are.

I can’t wait for more music from Tina and her band. And I know once you lend her an ear you’ll agree. Before you know it you’ll be joining the mailing list and waiting on pins and needles for her album to finally be released.

I think she’s got some big things ahead, and I have a feeling there will be no keeping her down!

∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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