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Mom’s Great Weed

Mom’s Great Weed (MGW) (aka the Coyote Brothers)
By Ashley L. Pieciak

I am blown away by the pure talent of MGW. My goodness they are amazing. This band is one of those special gems that you want to keep for yourself. Never being a selfish sort of person I decided I would share them with the world. Be kind, listen, and be blown away.
I had the great honor of being one of the first to listen to their latest tracks.  What can I say? Their first album was totally Pink Floyd mashed together with the other greats of the 70’s and 80’s. And the new stuff delivers on an even higher level.

One song in I keep coming back to, in particular, is “Fragile”.  This song makes me so sad. I know it’s weird to say that a song like this is one of your “favorites”; after all it is about suicide and other very unpleasant things.  But it has a GREAT message. It’s about remembering that what you give out you get back.  I could see this song playing in the background for a service announcement against hate. Then again, the brother’s main message in most of their songs is about loving everyone!

As with all of their music each song is just a little different from the last, and you really have to listen to catch it. I think that’s one of the ways they pull listeners in. You keep listening and you want more, kind of like having some “Pineapple Train Wreck” and not having to share.

Mom’s Great Weed (MGW)

I could totally go on for HOURS about each and every new song they have for your listening pleasure.  Every single one delivers. But then again, I would expect NOTHING less from these boys. If you haven’t started listening by this point in the review you’re missing out, big time.

I was told that their new stuff is strictly demos and haven’t even been mastered yet, but damn, I think they’re nuts. They sound GREAT. I say again that I am truly honored to have had the chance to listen to their stuff first. I can’t wait to see what ELSE they have in store for us, and I promise to keep a plate of brownies waiting for them (although they DEFINITELY won’t be as good as mom’s.)

∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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