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King Capisce

King Capisce Self-Titled Album Review by Ashley L. Pieciak

Track Listing

1. Cheer up Cyclops
2. Catastrophic Sex Music
3. The Rift
4. The Sharp End
5. …
6. Diallelus
7. Between Teeth
8. …
9. Boundless (+Reprise)

The thing about making music is that sometimes you need lyrics to support it. Listeners want words they can sing along with and use to express their feelings. Many can’t appreciate the melody because they’re too busy focusing on the words. Because of this, occasionally the melody will be subpar or borrowed from another artist entirely, and what you’re given in the end becomes a subpar song.

King Capisce has thrown out the book on song making and decided that they would instead compose killer melodies and let them do all the talking. What they give to the listener is a treat for the ears. Complex rhythms and harmonies intertwine creating a new take on jazz, rock, and music in general.  Listeners who know music will be able to hear the multifaceted-ness of the songs and see the beauty in them.

One thing that is really appealing about this band is their music makes you want to get up and dance.  It keeps you on your toes while guessing and imagining how it was put together. Each song is more complex than the last and that’s where the true appeal lies.

This is most definitely one of those bands that you must listen to. You may not grow an instant appreciation for instrumentals but you will love at least one of their songs. They have a knock-out album on their hands and are going to continue to go far. They are well on their way to opening the eyes and ears of listeners all over the globe.


∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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