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AJ Unity “Sweet Roses” Review by Ashley L. Pieciak

Track Listing
1. Rose
2. Morning
3. Everyday Memories
4. Jupiter
5. Dreaming
6. A Million Others
7. Graceful
8. Adagio

The music is very relaxing, almost trance inducing. The vocal’s lull you into a state of calm. It’s the perfect music to unwind with after a long day.  The melodies are noteworthy and impressive. They are complex but simple at the same time. It’s almost like an onion with all the layers to peel back.

I am surprised that this band isn’t popular already.  There is a very large fan base for this genre of music and fans of Imogen Heap, and others in this category, will DEFINITELY love and appreciate AJ Unity. While the lyrics aren’t always in English it doesn’t matter because the voice of Naomi Suzuki alone is enough to pull you in. Add the complex beats and rhythms into the mix and it’s an almost hearty morsel of an album.

The whole production team did an amazing job on the mixing and creation of this album. You can appreciate what they do when you listen because it has dimension and texture. You could almost bite into it and chew it because of its many components.

Every once in a while you come across something you haven’t experienced before. For me, AJ Unity certainly fits the bill. I have heard music similar to theirs but never really listened. It’s more or less one of those things that go on in the background and you don’t consciously process it. Once brought to the foreground, however, you really appreciate the complexity of the music.


∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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