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Somojo Magazine 'EP'

Somojo Magazine 'EP' is a free pdf and print edition of Somojo Magazine.

Why Somojo Magazine 'EP'?
Well, because it's not the same as the 'full' versions of Somojo Magazine and it's more than a 'flyer'. We wanted something that would promote the Somojo websites and some of the great independent artists, designers, musicians and record labels at the same time. The Somojo Magazine 'EP' is designed to fit half way between the Somojo websites and the full versions of Somojo Magazine.

The concept for the Somojo Magazine 'EP' is to give very affordable advertising space to independent creative artists and at the same time give something back by sharing any advertising revenue with them that is a direct result of when they give out the print version or have the pdf version downloadable from their website.

We see it as a case when everyone wins. It's possible by giving the Somojo Magazine 'EP' away from your website, that the commission from any advertising income will cover the costs of advertising in the 'EP', so effectively it's FREE PROMOTION. Although we would anticipate that you'd have plenty of money for a few beers as well.

Somojo Magazine 'EP' will be available from selected bars and clubs and at gigs, as well as a free download from various websites.
We are currently looking for potential distribution outlets, for the pdf and print versions, so if you own or run a venue that supports independent creativity and think your audience would like what we do. We would love to hear from you.
Location isn't important as there will be various print runs with localised advertising and promotions to suit your area.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Somojo Magazine EP Somojo Magazine 'EP' 01 - 2012
Interviews with
Black Circles
Elvis Jackson

Photographer Louis Daniel Botha

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