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Suzerain released their EP 'Frenzy' last year and the band are now offering it as a free download


Suzerain are a beautiful rock and roll chaos an electro glam rock machine in a desert of sound, this 5 piece are re-inventing the rock n roll genre and are never afraid to push the boundaries or take it to the next level. Describe them? Well they are alternative electro rock and roll punks who fuse electronics with fuzzy guitars backed by a pulsating backbeat and armed with a hand full of eyeliner will that do? From the blitzkrieg of ‘What’s Happened’ to the debut album  ‘Midnight In The Drawn City’ through to torment and almost electro pop of 2012’s  ‘Frenzy’ you can’t say that Suzerain skip round the musical fire rather jump straight in and don’t give a f**k.

With the man behind the desk and he who pieces the chaos all together in the shape and mastery of Mr Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux. PiL) he who adds the polish to the soundscapes that Suzerain weave this band deserve more but don’t all bands I hear you say?…Well some more than others and Suzerain are one of them. Never a dull moment with these gents just a full on rock n roll explosion in whirl of colours, burning a smouldering path of sound and vision they are here to entertain.

To truly appreciate the Suzerain machine catch them live sit back and let the music take you over and the energy burn. With repeated sorties across London and the UK, mainland Europe and surrounding territories they have earned respect from NRJ In The Park in Munich, to storming the Kaiserkeller in The Reeperbahn of Hamburg, to Roma Rocks in Italy, and twice in the Azores for the Angra Rock Festival. They have shared stages with Gary Numan, White Rose Movement , Hadouken, The Cribs and many more sometimes invited sometimes they just stormed it.

Suzerain are -
Ben – Drums
Matt – Electronics & Cello
Mike – Bass
Steve – Guitars
Tom – Voice & fuzzed up guitar

‘This band deserve to be absolute stars’ – Artrocker

‘High Octane New Wave Rock’ – Subba-Cultcha

‘Probably the finest act we have seen’ – Feedme

‘Our aim is to produce the most danceable rock possible’ - Rich Suzerain

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