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David Bronson new video 'Watch the Sun'

David says:

"The idea was that the graphic, other-worldly look would lend itself to a song about wanting something you don't have - and the fantasy aspect of concerning oneself with an internal vision that you could almost try to 'will' into existence. There's also the connection to the line-drawn, 2-D style imagery of the album artwork, which partially stemmed from the desire to have that kind of narrative otherworldliness that accompanies the comic & graphic novel mediums, both of which I'm a huge fan of.

Coincidentally Saro Varjabedian (the video's director) and I had both been thinking it would be cool to try and do something with an 'animation' look to it, so when we initially sat down we locked onto this approach right away, and decided to use Maria Neckam as the metaphorical love interest, since her voice plays this surrogate, or archetypal, role on the records."

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