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Biding Time by A Band Called Quinn & Ben Harrison

Biding Time by A Band Called Quinn & Ben Harrison

Tromolo Productions Presents: 
Biding Time (remix)

‘Feeding the star maker machinery behind the popular song’.
Joni Mitchell

For several years now Louise Quinn & her band (A Band Called Quinn) have been blurring the boundaries between music, film & theatre collaborating with film-maker Uisdean Murray on music videos; theatre company Vanishing Point with their controversial stage production of The Beggar's Opera & with their own legendary cabaret night Club Tromolo. When Pippa Bailey (Total Theatre) invited them to interpret her global theatre experiment 'Biding Time' (in response to the Cultural Olympiad) in their own style, it seemed like a logical step forward in their multi-media mash-up journey. 

Biding Time (remix) is centred around an everywoman female artist called Thyme. Thyme is a woman with a dream. Or a woman in a dream. Join Thyme on her path through a very peculiar landscape in this performance which fuses a live band, film, & silent disco technology. How far will she get? How far is she willing to go? 

Devised by A Band Called Quinn with director Ben Harrison (Grid Iron) supported by The Arches.
Based on an original idea by Pippa Bailey.
Features original songs & music by A Band Called Quinn. Film made with Uisdean Murray. Illustrations by Bruno Gallagher.

Supported by Creative Scotland in this Year Of Creative Scotland.

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