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Heart-Ships new video for 'Pinhole of Light'

Heart Ships

Following the release of their debut EP, Heart-Ships now reveal the follow up single ‘Pinhole of Light’ with an intimate live performance based video, shot in their Leeds rehearsal room. ‘Pinhole of Light’, recorded with Tim Hampton of Sheffield band, Bromheads, marks a seminal moment in the band’s promising development. A sound that has been honed and sharpened with the clarity of live performances worthy of plaudits from fans and critics alike.

Evolving from their roots in Leeds, Heart-Ships crafted ‘EP 1’ with an overwhelming sense of a call to arms. Ryan Cooke’s rousing, yet endearingly fragile, vocals light up rallies of unrelenting instrumentation, bringing to life lyrics that are woven as staggeringly powerful and intimate narratives. As Cooke puts it, “lyrics imbue pursuing a sense of wonder, a will to explore the tension between transcendental or meditative type experiences and being confined to a body”.
Live dates to be announced very soon, and not to be missed...

EP1 Track List:
1. Five Forks of Lightning
2. Pinhole of Light
3. Spray Paint
4. Air Balloon
5. The Skins I Have Shed *(vinyl only)


"Brooding, introverted songwriting delivered in a soaring, life affirming – it’s simply time for Heart-Ships"
"One of the finest bands they'd heard in a long time"
Gold Flake Paint
“They're being hailed as 'the new Wild Beasts' by their Leeds fanbase, but there's alot more to the six-piece than that. Anthemic melodies mix with beer-boy folk, with dashes of cello and beguiling lyrics thrown in.”

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