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Navet new single ‘One Hundred Years, Ten Thousand Beats’


Swedish popband Navet are back with a new single, an electronic dancenumber that breathes 80´s pop. The track was co-produced by Mats Norman from Lilla Sällskapet / Mashup International and you can hear the clubinfluence he has put on the track. 

Navet released their debutalbum in 2011, an album that grabbed the 3rd place on the German iTunes album chart, and an album that spawned the P3 hit "For the show" (remixed by Familjen). This was the start of touring clubs in Germany in Sweden for a year and then after the dust settled they were picked up by EMI/Parlophone. 

Now in 2013 they are getting ready for more touring, more new singles and more infectious music.

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