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The Trade release their newest single Fight Club.

Taken from their debut album Lie in the Dark which was recorded at Chem19 Studios in Hamilton, home of Chemical Underground Records, by Jamie Savage.

Since being described by the News of the World’s, Tim Barr as ‘a band who fire out music that is “misty-eyed ambitious stuff – inside is a world beating anthem fighting to get out” The Trade have gone from Strength to strength.

The album was released in 2011 but the guys have been biding their time to release any singles from it till the felt the ‘time was right for guitar music to hit back’. The band is made up of, Ross Milne (Vocals), Sean Hollowmind (Drums), Stevie Morris (Guitars), Liam Moir (Guitars) & Drew McLaren (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals).

The Trade have been touring the UK extensively for the best part of 3 years from London’s Death Disco to Inverness’ Hootanany. As well as playing the best venues The Trade have also supported some fantastic acts over the years such as The Undertones, The Buzzcocks, The Stiff Little Fingers Ray Wilson & Stiltskin, The Twang, Dave Arcari, The Twilight Sad, The Xcerts, Chris Helm, Mark Morriss and The Underground Hero’s.

These guys sold out Doghouse, Dundee. A feat only ever accomplished before by signed Dundee lads The View.

“It’s misty-eyed ambitious but inside is world beating anthems fighting to get out”
Tim Barr – News Of The World
“This is a mighty impressive debut”

“Real get up and go music”

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