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Melinda Ortner

Melinda Ortner announces free stream of new single, Sweet Little Lies


Award-winning Californian songwriter Melinda Ortner announces that her forthcoming single, Sweet Little Lies, is now available to stream online. Officially released October 8th and taken from the forthcoming EP Strangers, released on September 17th, Ortner reveals a little more about the single’s origin;

“Sweet Little Lies is an angsty, poetic statement and inner monologue that more girls than not have at one point related to…the headspin and mind game of getting led on by someone you think is fantastic…and then...nothing…And when you thought this one might be different. I’ll be fully candid here and say the subject of the story was from an online dating website. I was younger and much more stupid. Deep down, I knew the B.S. men pull for a little tail, and by the same token we girls eat it up knowing all too well it’s a load of crap but we do it anyways..for the chance that he’ll prove us wrong, or just because it still feels fucking good to be swooned, charmed and flattered. Fake sugar is just as sweet as the real shit right?”

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