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Jessica Alice

Jessica Alice - L.O.V.E
Released - 24th September 

Pop sensation Jessica Alice is ready for her debut release with pop-dance single “L.O.V.E.” co-written by herself and produced by Belgian Dance Producer “Patz”.

Jessica’s early influences come from listening to dance tracks with her older brother and accompanying her Mum, a pro musician, to gigs with her rock band and Single Reed Choir.  From the age of 8 Jessica played the clarinet and field commanded in the Braintree Dimensions also known as the Marxman.  Jessica now plays the guitar and keyboards, but her voice is her main instrument.  Aged 13 she joined Choirwood and gigged with the choir up and down the nation.
With a passion for songwriting and composing Jessica has also danced and performed with Street Vibes at Her Majestys Theatre in the West End and the Towngate Theatre on several occasions.  Jessica formed a couple of bands playing mainly rock and indie at her local venues and festivals. Jessica has also recently produced a jingle for professional song writer and musician Stephen Colyer.

Now signed to label Discipline Music Jessica is looking forward to the future with some very exciting projects as well as completing her debut album.

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