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Michael Emmerson

Michael Emmerson releases his new single 'Beautiful' this Sept via Discipline Music.

Michael also plays a live acoustic radio tour to promote his new single Beautiful (released Sep 17th) and plays the following dates:
8th September: WCR FM Wolverhampton (pre-recorded)
8th September: Preston FM live at Preston Guild festival
28th September: Radio Cardiff at 1pm
30th September: Voice FM in Southampton at 4pm

An avid composer and multi-instrumentalist, Michael has immersed himself in the art of song-writing and sees it as a fascinating form of self expression. After many years co-writing, playing in bands and performing all over the UK, he decided to go it alone writing and self producing his own solo album.

With a diverse set of influences at his disposal, he strives to write songs with meaning, using his own personal experiences in his life as an inspiration. Michael claims artists such as Coldplay, Bon Iver, The Fray, OneRepublic, Damien Rice, and Sigur Ros amongst many others have had an impact on his music making. But insists he wants to create and develop a sound of his own.
A movie fanatic at heart, Michael loves listening to film scores and claims they have also helped shape his songwriting style. “I’ve always found the emotions a score can evoke fascinating, and I think over the past couple of years, I’ve realised just how much film music has influenced my music making.”

As a song-writer himself, Michael often writes from his own home recording studio where he can compose at his piano, but he takes his guitar just about everywhere with him and likens writing a song to painting a picture.

“Writing a song for me is a like creating a piece of art, you can draw on inspiration from your own experiences, whether it’s a particular place you’re in, or feelings you have at a particular time. You can express it all in a song.”

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