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Rodney Branigan

Rodney Branigan new single - Muddy Jesus

Renowned as a masterful multi instrumentalist, London-based Branigan has been penned as  “the revelation of the year or even the decade”, Blues Magazine.

Gathering kudos in the music industry, Branigan has featured in Guitar Techniques, Music Maker, Mi-Pro, Maverick Magazine, Acoustic Magazine, Northern Sky and many major online music sites.

Not only a hit at Glastonbury and many festivals throughout the UK, Branigan has toured nationally with Show of Hands, performed across his native America, Europe and Asia, racking up over 1000 live appearances to great acclaim.

Rodney plays the following live dates this September
Sept 8th - Seend Acoustic Fest - Wiltshire
Sept 9th - Italy Guitar event Yamaha
Sept 13th -St Galloways Scotland event - Dumfries
Sept 15th - Isle of Bute festival
Sept 16th - Roofless Halls of Fame, Dumfries

“Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see. Not simply because he is unique, but rather because he is impossibly talented. Whether this artist made a deal at the Crossroads, or has preternatural abilities is unknown”
Music Connection Magazine.

"My music is progressive folk fusion that is constantly evolving." Says Rodney.

"Leave to cross France from end to end, because that is what we call a 'real ' discovery. A contemporary musician as innovative as the Boulez was in his time."
Paris Move 4*

"A guitarist and singer to discover …"
Acoustic Guitarist

"Rodney Branigan the revelation of the year or even decade."
Blues Magazine

"Rodney Branigan is a real talent, a musician with undisputed jaw dropping talent and also a knack for writing beautiful songs with very thought provoking lyrics"
Entertainment Focus

"Rodney's ability to entertain the audience was truly brilliant and cliché-free. Check this guy out - he's simply amazing"
BBC Suffolk

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