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Lisa Cuthbert releases her second album 'Paramour'.

Lisa Cuthbert

On October 28th, Lisa Cuthbert released her second full length album "Paramour". This promises to be LC's darkest work to date. It features guest appearances by Dave Creffield (The Sisters of Mercy), G Frequency and Tim Fromont Placenti, and produced and engineered by Gareth Desmond at Loop Studios, Dublin.

Paramour is a concept album Inspired by the stories of survivors from Ireland’s now defunct Magdalene Asylums, one of the most shocking scandals in the history of the Catholic Church. The album explores the struggles of women who were branded "fallen" unfit to live in Irish society. They were enslaved, Stripped of their identities, forbidden to speak and forced to work beyond human endurance to "cleanse their souls". Lisa's powerful music has been compared to interludes from doom records.

Talking of the concept, Lisa says;

“Magdalene Asylums were institutions where catholic women were enslaved and forced to work beyond human endurance because they were considered unfit to live in Irish society. A woman was branded "fallen" if: she became pregnant, was a rape victim, illegitimate (born out of wedlock), orphaned, mentally handicapped, or even just too pretty. These revelations (for want of a better word) are the inspiration behind "Paramour". The album is much darker and dramatic than anything I've done before musically, and it revolves around fictional characters that I created with the theme in mind. These characters include the victim, the lovers, the paramour, the by-stander, the prisoner and the mother, all of whose lives have been affected in some way by organized religion.”

Her dark, dramatic piano based rock blends a diverse range of contemporary influences, but her haunting, ethereal voice and layered harmonies are what really put her on the map. This music aspires towards a deeper impact, exploring memories, moods and textures in a way that draws us in and invites us to paint our own pictures.


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