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Robin Thicke

Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke has worked with popular artists such as Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, and Mary J. Blige throughout his brilliant career. Thicke has been acknowledged for his work on popular albums such as Usher's Confessions and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III.

Presented as mini-LPs housed in an attractive slipcase, this Limited Edition 5CD single-artist box set provides the complete overview of Robin Thicke’s career. Having had huge international success with his current single ‘Blurred Lines’, as well as announcing a performance at this year’s iTunes Festival on September 28th, this Classic Album Selection serves as the ideal extended introduction for new fans, while offering an easy way to bolster or complete collections for existing ones.

The set features his five original albums.

1. A Beautiful World (2003)

2. The Evolution Of Robin Thicke (2006)

3. Something Else (2008)

4. Sex Therapy (2009)

5. Love After War (2011)


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