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Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

I have a story to share with you. Once upon a when, way back in…1995? 1996?...we got a gig at an unofficial club which was first offered to In Flames (this was before they got big) but we got it instead. Anyway. We performed the way we usually do, and to be able to be ‘out and about’ I had three microphone chords connected to each other to get some serious length on them. So I was all over the place – up the stairs, climbed on railings, stage dived from the railings onto an empty spot on the floor (that hurt!) and we gave a show to really be proud of!

After the show, we got to the dressing room (yeah, one of the few places that actually had one) and sat down with a pint each. When suddenly the door is flung open and the then-Sergeant-at-arms of a well-known red-and-white bikers’ association stumbled in. Standing in front of us, he lifted a threatful index finger and pointed to Nick and said: ‘You! You’re a crazy bastard!’. Then he turned his finger to me and said: ‘You’re even worse!!!’.

He sat himself down and said: ‘Anyone got a mirror?’. He waved to someone just outside the door – and imagine my big surprise when I noticed that his ‘carrier’ was the former leader of an ill-reputed skinhead gang, whom I knew through various acquaintances. There was no mirror so he sent somebody down to the lav to get a mirror from there. It was big enough to almost cover the table we sat around. The former leader of the skinhead lot, hauled a big bag of white stuff out of his pocket and the then-Sergeant-at-arms asked us: ‘Anybody want some?’.

We all looked hesitantly towards each other and precariously said: ‘Nah, thanks. We’re all beer drinkers…’. He stared at us for a while and finally said: ‘Well, do you mind if I have some?’ and went on to do his thing. After a short while with friendly discussions and a lot of questions and answers, he asked us: ‘How can you do what you do on stage if you don’t do drugs? Alcohol just makes you drunk and dull…’.

I still don’t have a proper answer to it – it’s just who we are! When performing, that is. In any other situation, we’re a mild lot. ;-)

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