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Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

Another band member has decided to leave the ship and we are left to another restart… John L. Undell has decided he doesn’t want to play the guitar in BODIES anymore and that’s all fine. John’s a good mate from way back when so I respect and understand his reasons and everything. But it still leaves two others and me in a bit of a spot.

We’ve been through this so many times before that I can hardly keep count of them. Let’s see….

We had the Mad Professor when we started in 1993. He was fired for personal reasons and replaced by John in 1994. Our original drummer left the band in, oh I dunno…maybe around 1998? Then we had a period of a couple of years trying some drummers out and finally found Hans Gee. Then John left to study some sort of agricultural thingy around 1997? -98? Can’t remember. Anyway, he left to study and he had to move there, so it was real hard for him – geographically – to stay in the band. So Ego T. started playing with us after a while there. And we had him and Johnny-O on the guitars. 

Johnny-O sort of slid out from the band and formally left around 2003? -04? And then I haphazardly ran into John after he moved back to ‘the hood’ and he was eager to play again – and preferably with us. Sure thing, he was back in. Ego T. decided he was involved in too many bands, so he left. And John thought we shouldn’t get another guitarist in ‘cos he could handle all the bits and pieces and the new bloke might drop out of the band after a while…. 

Then – after a brief tour in Scotland – we fired Hans Gee for various reasons, none of them being related to his personal qualities as he’s a great bloke. On a tip from former member-still-mate Ego T. we found Erik Eitch. Thought we were a tight crew this time – me, John L., Nick Cee and Erik. Then about a year ago, both Nick and me noticed a seemingly lesser interest in John’s will to rehearse and to get out and perform. The spark seemed to be gone, as it were. 

And now we’re here. Looking for a new guitarist. Which isn’t easy. We need someone who can be a good mate, as mateship is really important to us, play the guitar like a pro in the style we like and who understands the level we aim for; We’re not a band trying to make it big or take over the world. We have an ambition to get slightly bigger, but not too big, as we all have full time jobs and families. This is quite hard to achieve as we have these constant restarts. But we’re still professionals who always deliver a show when performing. That way, we’re extremely ambitious.

Life, friends, seems to be a continuous line of new starts.

Be good to each other,

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