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A black day for democracy in Sweden. I don’t know how many of you out there know that there was an election in Sweden on September 19, but after the election we now have a racist party in our parliament. They are sprung from the Swedish equivalence of the British National Front and have Nazi roots. I am heartbroken and devastated to think my fellow Swedes have actually voted these people into power.

Now, racist parties are to their essence anti-democratic – just like the right-wing religious groupings in America. The first proof is that they disregard the UN Human Rights Resolution. (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to be precise.) And the question I ask myself is; should they be allowed to work within a system they want to destroy? A very thought provoking book on this subject is “American Fascists - The Christian Right and the War on America”. And I find there are several parallels to the national movements that now spread over Europe. 

They call themselves “The Swedish Democrats” – and it’s not hard to see the parallel to the Nazis who called themselves “National Socialists”, which they – of course – were actually far from being. As are the Swedish contemporaries. It really doesn’t matter that they have cleaned up their act; they still represent the same anti-humanist view. And it’s not only about race, as I’m sure you’re all aware, it is also about your sexual orientation. Or for that matter – anything they do not consider normal. 

They say they want to promote Swedish culture. Ok. But what exactly would that be? Music? Most of the popular music styles are imported from abroad. Food? Well, we’ve been importing food habits since before the Vikings. Art? Most influential art styles – such as modernism, art deco and what have you – are sprung abroad. 

I have a mother that is an immigrant and a father that is an emigrant. Would my mother have been rejected to enter this country as a child if people like the “Swedish Democrats” had been in power in the 50’s? Should my father have been allowed to enter another country and leave his old without being seen as a traitor? I think they would say that “Of course”, as my mother came from Austria and my father went to England. But to me it’s all the same wherever you come from or wherever you go. 

Of course I realize that it is a huge failure on our part as a society, and an equally huge failure on the part of the established political parties in Sweden. And there are issues concerning this specific topic that really needs to be solved. But I am firmly convinced that closing the gates is no solution. I am equally convinced that there is no “pure Swedish Culture”. 

Gloomy thoughts on paper, I know. But life ain’t always peachy.

Take care of each other,

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