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Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

Weather is an interesting conversation topic. I don’t know any other topic that occupies the time and minds in conversation of so many Swedes and Brits as weather. Not that people actually SAY anything to each other, but I don’t think that’s the real purpose of speaking about weather. Unless you’re a farmer, that is. Which not many of us are. Speaking about weather was something that used to make me sick – literally – and I always shied away from meaningless conversations about weather or cars or…. whatever topic I thought didn’t really think was meaningful.

But think about it. How much more meaningful is music or books or films? Really? I find those topics more giving as I’m interested in them, but do they actually give me the chance to connect better with anyone? I’m not sure. Usually I find that they last longer and create more lively discussions, but does it help connecting? And what exactly do I mean by “connecting”?

The more I think about it, the more questions I find and the less certain I get about my stance on weather as a topic of discussion. Or films, for that matter. And I have revised my view on weather as topic. At least slightly.

Today, I see weather as an excuse to make contact, while still not quite connecting. I think it is a social putty, as it were. A “safe topic” that anyone can relate to. I’m, in general, more willing to make conversation on any topic these days – including weather. But perhaps there is only so much to say about the weather. In my mind, the real trick is to find what topic to move on to. Weather is simply an excuse to start talking – like an opening phrase for those that can’t find something more original.

So. Nice weather we’re having today, huh?


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