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Innocent Rosie

Hi Innocent Rosie, How are you all doing?
Heya, we are doing awesome, things are really starting to hit off. This year has been crazy, almost overwhelming with a couple of tours in Italy n playing Swedenrock festival, and a 3 month long tour ahead of us i all of europe. I can tell you that it has never been so much fun playing in a band like it is now!

Your debut album was released earlier this year. How was that whole ‘album release’ experience for you?
Well Its defiantly another thing from releasing demos ha ha. The thing is that we didn’t have any special expectations on it at all, to be honest I thought that my family would buy the cd just to be nice and that would like be it you know ha ha, but all of a sudden we found ourselves on number 1 on the Swedish record charts in the hard-rock genre and 13th place total on the all genre chart. Hell! that was unbelievable, we kicked down heaven n hell to second place, poor Dio was crying himself to sleep that day ha ha. Anyways it made us realize that people actually buy our record, and that’s a weird feeling in a good way.

You’ll soon be taking your show on the road around Europe. How are the preparations for the tour going?
I was just at the store and bought millions of underwear and t-shirts just to be completely safe on the tour he he, nah there’s no real preparations for it yet really, we’re rehearsing like hell, writing loads of new songs, and spending time in the studio to record the new material. All we know is that its going to be the time of our lives, I mean think about it,  we’re doing a road trip around all of Europe with our best friends, have a couple of brews and play fucking loud rock music ha ha.
Its going to be awesome!

Which are favourite songs to play live?
I must say Animal, its fast hard and straight in your face, and a new song called “Bound to fuck up” but they’re all real fun to play but those two are a little funnier.

Innocent Rosie

Are there any new places on this tour that you haven’t been before?
Yeah basically all except Italy, Spain and England, so hopefully we’ll get to see a lot of new cool places. I’m extra excited about Germany, I heard that that is a real rock country.

Do you find that fans from different countries appreciate your music in different ways or is the reaction the same where ever you go?
No, fans from other countries appreciate our music MUCH more than in cold Sweden for some reason. It’s really weird because if you want to win the respect from the Swedish crowd when you are a Swedish band you got to make it outside of Sweden first unless you play mellow ‘slit your wrist’pop haha. Don’t get me wrong we all love our country but musically it’s fuckin boring, the sad thing is that there’s a lot of awesome rock bands from Sweden that just gives up music because they dont get any recognition from the Swedish crowd, that sucks but it’s the sad reality, but we’re looking to change all that!

Which is your favourite country to tour and for what reason?
Hmm, Well I must say Italy. The thing with Italy is that the music clubs are like an half an hour, an hour outside the cities and take whatever transportation that they can find, guessably their car, and then to drive for an hour to see some band play and then afterwards another hour of drivetime to come home and find that its 3 pm and looking to have maybe three hours of sleep before work, that’s what I call dedication, yeah Italian fans are really dedicated, and we love it!

What do you enjoy most when touring?
As I said the company of your best friends, and that we get to see so many awesome places.
On our first tour in Italy we went to play a gig in Pisa, and off course we had a little field-trip to see the leaning tower, so we bought a couple of cases of beer and sangria and got drunk just beside this beautiful architecture. I mean there’s alot of people that don’t get to see that in a lifetime haha. No, but seriously.

What is your favorite touring or gig memory?
That’s easy! Swedenrock festival, we kinda expected there to be maybe around 50 people in the audience, which would all be our friends. But entering the stage we looked out over about 3000 people. I got the biggest adrenaline rush of my life there and then! defiantly the funniest gig so far.

What is the worst experience you’ve had on stage?
Actually last tour in Italy where we got food poisoned or something, everyone vomited, and still we had to spend 4-5 hours in a car, and play a gig. I was close vomiting on stage a lot of times, and I’m the drummer so I cant really go behind stage to puke, I’m stuck behind the kit, but I managed to hold it in and surprisingly the gig went out to be really good.

When you are on tour, what do you miss most about not being at home?
Mom’s food haha. Nah personally I miss my bed most, touring isn’t always as glamorous as some people might think, in some places your sleeping place might be a DJ booth in the gig place. That actually happend to us when we played in Lincoln, England, so me and Olof fell asleep in their DJ booth, and Olof woke up with lots and lots of ketchup in his ass crack haha,  but that’s another story.

Is any of the tour going to be recorded for a ‘live’ album or dvd release?
I’m not sure im allowed to tell but whatever. Yes we are talking about it and there is probably going to be a live cd/dvd.

You recently asked on MySpace for help in getting tour dates in France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. Have you toured these countries before?
Nope none of them actually, but we want to really bad, and there’.s a lot of places that have contacted us in all of those countries and a few more also.

What is the reason behind this request?
Well we really want to get out there in all of Europe to tour, and not to find ourselves stuck in Sweden. We want everyone to be able to get to see us, not just in all those obvious countries you know.

Is this more direct approach something you’d like to develop in the future?
Yeah of course, if you’re not ready to sacrifice things and really put down your soul to make it you shouldn’t do this. I mean we all LOVE playing music, I know its such a cliche but that’s basically all we know, but we want a lot of people to hear our music and know know.

If anyone hasn’t heard of or seen Innocent Rosie before, what are they missing?
They are missing a band that are tons better live than on record, and the record is awesome. It’s easy listening energetic rock n roll!  Its something that anyone can like, and will like if you give it a chance. Hell yeah!

Anything you would like to add or say to people who have heard your music but not seen you live yet?
Come see us! I swear that you will get a huge kick out of it!
Musically that is, of course ha ha!

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