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Jen: Let’s start by telling us your names.

SV: Hello Jen, we’re Roberta and Al, nice to meet you.

Jen: How did you all meet?

SV: Well, we met each other at school by common friends and from that day we started to play and play and play and play with a beautiful feeling.

Jen: How did Spleenveil come about?

SV: We’ve started playing a music with a strong influence from our favourite bands between metal and crossover. At the beginning we were 4 members,but after a year we realized that we were searching something closer to our real expression,something where we’d feel more free to find a new taste of sound and experiment with another our love : the art.

Jen: Where did the name SpleenVeil come from?

SV: It came from the Baudelaire’s poem with a visual concept to a veil. Everyone figured it out by his/her imagination.

Jen: Some of your songs sound a little industrial/gothic has any of your music been classified as gothic?

SV: Everyone can classify our music as he/she wants, except the obvious opposite genres. We know that it’s not easy to classify it,but we like this fact: there isn’t a single definition for our style, some has gothic sounds but it’s not only that.

Jen: What are your live shows like?

SV: It depends where we play, it’d be a hard live, a soft live, the most important thing for our lives is the atmosphere between lights, sounds and video (where we can take it) because is our better feeling.

Jen: Has anything bizarre or crazy happened while performing?

SV: Oh my ! The worst thing happened...a guy was walking on backstage and he had pulled away instrument’s cables, yes that’s the greatest idiot. Anyway, we try to get everything as perfect as we can by ourselves because often the people’s club doesn’t work. We know the best is next.

Jen Tell us about the new album that’s coming out this fall.

SV: It’s the biggest sacrifice we had ever done and we’re working on to take it high. It’s recorded in Milan by Andrea Ponzano from Meccaniche Invisibili and we really hope to publish it this fall with the name ‘Colours Of Her’.

Jen: How will this album be different from your previous album?

SV: At first it’ll be professional for sure, with more experiment, more work for details and atmospheres, with other instruments and effects, but it’s too soon to show it all.

Jen Who comes up with the outfits, stage settings and creative art work or pics for the band?

SV: We take care about all our artwork by ourselves at first and we’re also supporting various artists like Francesco Arena, an Italian contemporary artist.

Jen: Will you be doing any shows before you album comes out?

SV: Yep, we’ll try to play more on next months and we have played live some new songs yet. Soon we’ll play at National Gay Pride in Italy and we’re really happy to support social reality. We hope to play more and more because it’s the pure reason why we do music, not to stay on music bureaucracy.

Jen: Will there be a video for any songs on your new album?

SV: We want to realize it for new album promoting, it’s an old idea of ours, we’re video lovers and we like to give to everyone the opportunity to listen us.

Jen What will you be doing to promote your new album? Any contests give always, free shows or anything like that?

SV: It’s soon to be talked about. We are studying ideas for the best way to do it.

Jen: What would you like to tell your fans and new found fans?


SV: Listen and support the music and the art of all world, by yourself with your own mind and if you’ll want to listen us it’ll be an honor.
Thank you very much to all guys who support our music. THANK YOU!!


Jen: Could you give us your links for people to find your music ?

SV: Sure, you can find us at :


SV: Thanks to you Jen for give us your time and attention.

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