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Jen: Let’s start by introducing everyone in your band and what you do.
We are kane’d!
We are a three sister - girl fronted rock band.
The band consists of three main vocal / harmony lines which are performed by –
Stephanie Kane
Stacey Kane
Chez Kane
Our lead guitarist – Hazza Elliott
Rhythm guitarist – Nige Brennan
Bass Guitar – Josh Raw
Drummer - Bom

Jen: How did Kane’d get started?
Kane’d originally started with Stephanie Stacey & Chez. We have always been performing on stage since we were really young, and we wanted the whole rock band because when we write our music, that’s the natural progression.
Luckily we have a great bunch of guys that we have picked up along the way which we all think works really well.

Jen: I read on your profile that you are endorsed by a drink product CoolAyran, tell us how that came about & a little bit about it.
We were asked by the German marketing company in charge of this product if we would be happy to take part in the promotion of a brand new drink that they wanted to promote with a music campaign. The drink is actually a cool variation on the Turkish national drink Ayran, hence its name ‘CoolAyran’.
We thought that it would be a great profile boost for us, and were happy to get involved.

Jen: Will the drink be world wide?
Yes, eventually! The drink is still in it’s early marketing stage, there is to be a music stadium tour throughout Europe, which is being planned at the moment, in conjunction with TV, radio and magazine promotion, and there are plans to bring it over to the UK shortly.

Jen: Since being endorsed by this product, how has that effected your music career?
Well in truth it’s too early to tell yet as it is still in its early stages, but we have had a lot of positive feedback, so fingers crossed!

Jen: Besides the campaign video for Coolayran, are there any other videos or any plans to make one.
There are plans to make a music video early next year… can’t wait!

Jen: What is your favorite song to perform?
We love performing all of our original music… but ‘So lonely’ is one of the favourites for us all, as it really drives when performed live.

Jen: Is there any plans to come to the US ?
We were in LA earlier this year writing with Morten for our album, hoping to get back there ASAP, and also there are plans to write with Robin in Miami very soon.
As for live performance, we are hoping to arrange some gigs for early next year.

Jen: Where is your music available?
The music will be available from our websites soon. The first CD is at press while we speak.

Jen: What’s your most played or your most popular song?
'So Lonely’ is the most played and requested of our songs at the moment, although ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ is getting quite a bit of radio play too.

Jen: Who’s the motivator of your group?
We all motivate different things…
Everyone has a lot of drive and energy, so we all feed off each other!
Don’t think that there is any particular person in charge so to speak, but there are a lot of high jinx and practical jokes going on all the time, and that’s great because it means everybody has to stay on their toes!

Jen: Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?
We are really lucky to have fantastic support from a lot of people.

Jen: Thank you for taking the trime to do this interview.
No worries, it has been a pleasure J

Jen: Have a GREAT SHOW on Tuesday!~
LOL! Just had to cancel that one due to Stacey being on crutches with an injured ankle, which has been very painful for her & Hazza contracting a mild dose of Swine ‘Flu… Had to put Hazza into isolation for a few days, but he is doing good and should be up and about ready for the next gig on Sunday!

Jen: Is there any plans or any talk of being signed by a record label?
We have got interest being shown - so hopefully fingers crossed! It’s a very strange time for the industry at the moment.

Jen: Are you on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?
To be honest we haven’t bothered with Twitter yet… will get round to it soon though.
You can find us on myspace @
And the facebook band page is - kane’d
Our official website page is


Jen: I also seen that you have several shows coming up, what do you have planned after that?
We have a European tour coming up with James Christian and The House of Lords, which we are very excited about! The UK dates will be around November time, after that we plan to do some writing with the awesome Robin Beck ( & Tommy Denander who we are working with at the present, and we also aim to finish some wicked songs that we have been working on with our fantastic producer Morten Helgesen in LA.

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