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Jen: Hi Bruise & thank you for this opportunity
Isobel: it’s our pleasure Jen

Jen: Let’s start by introducing everyone and what each does in your band.
My name’s Isobel, I‘m the singer, guitarist and songwriter in the band. This is Jim, he’s guitarist and drummer in the band depending on whether we’re playing acoustic or electric, BV’s and he arranges the songs.


Jen: How did Bruise get started?
I had been a solo performer for ages when I got picked up by a management company, they wanted to hear what I’d sound like in front of a band and put me in touch with Jim and his production partner to work up some songs into a band format. We worked together for nearly a year, the rapport was really good. We started playing live together as a trio.

Jen: How long have guys been together?
Nearly 10 years now

Jen: What is your most popular song?
Mr Rat but Silvertown comes a close second.

Jen: Since your music is considered rock, pop & folk, what age groups do you attract the most?
I’d say we attract older people, 30+ though not exclusively we’ve got quite a few fans under 10 and more than a handful in their 80’s. I get a lot of satisfaction from the diversity of our fans.

Jen: Do you have any videos made for any of your songs?
We made our first video for Excuse Me and had some TV exposure from that, which was a heck of a kick. Then we did a lovely vid for Silvertown which is on our Myspace page. We’ve had some really heart warming responses to that. It’s filmed around our old home, the place I wrote the song about, and I think you can pick up on the bitter sweet experience that that was.

Jen: there any plans or any talk of being signed by a record label?
Not in our living room, if we were made an offer we’d take it seriously. We’ve always been self managed, we’ve booked all the gigs, we’ve recorded and produced both our albums independently. It’s not the easiest route but it has been massively rewarding. I have learned so much by being in this position, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Though if an offer of help came our way, I would get excited at the prospect.

Jen: Besides the internet, what other ways do you promote your music?
I think live performances are a very effective way of promoting your music, it’s pretty labour intensive but there is no denying the impact that a knock out gig has on people. We have been very lucky in the last 6 months with the amount of airplay we’ve received on terrestrial and internet radio, we get feedback from all over the globe.

Jen: If you could tour with any one, anywhere, what would be your dream tour?
Hmmm, nice question. I’ll give you two answers. If we were playing an acoustic gig I’d want to share a stage with Leonard Cohen, an incredible live show with the most awesome repertoire of songs , that would be such an honor. Then if we were playing an electric show and for the same reasons I’d want to play with Bruce Springsteen…no… Peter Gabriel…no.. Bruce…Peter…Bruce..Peter … aaagh!

Jen: Which artists influence your music?
There are a lot of influences and I wouldn’t pin point one artist in particular. I admire people who focus on lyrics, and melody is very important to me too. Jim on the other hand is moved by aspects of music that I can hardly hear, how parts and instruments interact to build excitement. Although we’re approaching music from two very different places I’m a huge fan of where we meet

Jen: Are there any plans to record some new music?
We are trying to fit recording our third album in this summer, though our gig schedule is making it a little difficult. We are really excited about our appearance at Appelpop in September. We’re the first band with out management they have booked in 18 years of the festival and the first British band ever, we re sharing this privilege with our good friends Kelly’s Heels.

Jen: Could you list your websites for your fans and newly found fans?
We update it regularly, I blog pretty much all of the gigs we play, we’ve just put up some new photos, it’s worth a visiit.

Jen: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Just a thank you, a great big massive thank you, and next time you come to a gig come and say hello.


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