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We are officially living the last month of summer. And although it’s really sad seeing it go, you can prolong your summer memories with floral pieces from Jolita’s braided collection.

Relive your tropical memories with unique necklaces, made with silk braid, adorned with luxury-deconstructed jewels dipped in gold and colourful handmade silk flowers.

Windsor necklace embellished with not one, but five hand-made silk flowers is a bold statement piece. Made with a grey silk braid and adorned with luxury jewels dipped in gold, it’s a necklace that will carry you through the fall and winter.

If you are not afraid of colour – then Bacchus and Flower necklace is a piece for you. Made with a double collar silk braid in dark charcoal, this piece is adorned with vivid fuchsia pink flower, cradling a beautiful vintage cameo in its centre.

Fort those who prefer even more colour – Cairo necklace is a perfect accessory to enter the new season. Using a new silk dying technique, this necklace is made with a scarlet red silk braid, splashed with turquoise. Luxury jewels dipped in gold, a hand-made silk flower in rich colours and a beautiful luxury insect sitting next to it, makes this a unique neck adornment.

If you are after something lighter – then one of the braided cuffs, embellished with small rows of crystals and beautiful hand-made silk flowers will be a great choice.

Each and every single piece is unique and is hand-made with great attention to detail. Can be purchased from or made to order in a choice of your colours.

Make your summer last! 

Jolita Jewellery
Bacchus Cameo and Flower statement necklace by Jolita Jewellery

Jolita Jewellery
Cairo scarlet necklace by Jolita Jewellery

Jolita Jewellery
Cuff cobalt blue by Jolita Jewellery

Jolita Jewellery
Windsor necklace by Jolita Jewellery

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